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Chrissy Stacey – I own Frenchy.
Dear Kelly, just writing to thank you for riding our horse Frenchy at yesterdays Burghley Young Event Horse qualifier.
I have to say you did an amazing job at 36 hours notice. The horse had barely competed in a year and you had your work cut out to produce him for his first dressage test and then jump a course of 1.05m. I was really impressed with your professionalism and also your ability to sympathetically get the best from the horse. I look forward to working with you again in the future and will be recommending you to my friends!
Thanks again.

Sabine Reinhold – I own Patience. Kelly trains and competes my horse. Patience and I compete in unaffiliated jumping and dressage competitions.
I had been riding for 25 years with a 5 year break at the end of which I met Kelly.
I approached her as she was finishing a lesson I had observed and been impressed with.
We started on a delicate but fun little mare I was sharing at the time and she certainly helped me get the most from her.
I then bought my own mare, Patience, a 16’2 5yro very green Irish Draught / Dutch Warmblood now 6yro, that Kelly mostly produced as I was 2 months pregnant when I got her!
Between pregnancy motherhood and travels it has been difficult to ride as much or as seriously as I would have hoped, which made it the perfect opportunity to put my horse in Kelly’s experienced hands. She certainly has made the most of Patience, giving her sound basics and taking her successfully from the field where she had been so far to affiliated competitions.
Under Kelly’s enthusiastic coaching, Patience and I have also managed to compete successfully making for great fun and rewarding days!
Now that I have moved yards, Kelly comes to teach us every week. Patience would happily spend the sessions having a cuddle from her, which makes me think that despite all this hard work, Patience doesn’t hold it against her!!!
As for me, I understand that all these aches are for the best…
More seriously, I don’t think that Patience and I would be such a good match without you. Thank you.


Trudy Stewart – I own a 15’2 coloured cob named Jaffa and compete in affiliated competitions.
Kelly has been my riding instructor for the last two years. She supported me in achieving my goal of competing at an affiliated BE90 event. Since then both my horse and I had a very serious fall which knocked our confidence. Due to Kelly’s excellent teaching and psychological coaching we are now out eventing again. Kelly is very aware of the horse’s and rider’s capabilities. She has made me faster in my responses after a jump and in preparing for the next and has rebuilt my confidence over cross country fences. Her knack of questioning me: ‘what else could I have done?’ really makes me think about my riding technique and how I can get the best out of my horse. I always enjoy my lessons, and each one refines both mine and my horse’s techniques to keep us improving.



Kerstin Knepper – I am a sharer of Patience.
Kelly started teaching me when I’d just found my first ever share horse. This step up from riding school horses was huge for me, but Kelly has been guiding me through all the challenges with her gentle but determined and consistent approach.
She’s not only technically brilliant and explains very well how your own body influences the horse, she also listens, emphasises and adapts her teaching to my current needs and frame of mind. After a weak and nervous beginning and serious confidence issues – all of which tackled with patience and sympathy by Kelly – a few months down the line I’m now starting to build some of the understanding and feel that in my eyes make a good rider and that have eluded me for so long.
In all of my ups and downs Kelly always manages to treat me like the rider I could be and is genuinely pleased with any progress I make. This sort of real interest in and support of my learning is very new to me (you don’t often find it in a riding school environment) and much appreciated. Without Kelly’s help I may well have given up on a lovely horse and the whole sharing idea because of my lack of skills and guts, but now I’m so glad I found this combination (horse – owner – instructor) that seems determined to make a good rider out of me yet – I
guess I’ve fallen onto my feet!’

Rosie Greening – I own Cleo and compete in unaffiliated competitions.
Kelly came recommended as an instructor and I have not been disappointed. She takes a genuine interest in my horse and I, and what we are trying to achieve together. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and I am always able to take away really useful advice and things to use and practice away from my lessons.
Kelly takes everything in her stride, even when my horse is a real handful she never gets flustered! I already feel I have made more progress over the last few weeks of having lessons than in several months of riding alone. I would recommend Kelly to anyone who is looking for a genuinely nice instructor who really knows their stuff!



Laura Hassel – I share Amigo and ride twice a week.
It has been an absolute pleasure working with Kelly over the past two years and I would recommend her to riders at any skill level.
In that time, I have progressed so much as my confidence, posture, and techniques have reached an entirely new level. I first began training with her on my own shared horse but now I have started riding her super talented boys (Amigo and Fred) focusing on flat work and dressage. She has helped me by doing video clinics, she has made me sing the national anthem, count numbers or whatever it has taken to make me stop overthinking my riding, and to relax and breathe.
Even on the occasional bad day, when things don’t go as they should, she always reminds me of how far I’ve come. Every single lesson, Kelly has the ability to make me feel energized, confident and pleased with my work. Not only is she always so amazingly positive and patient, but she also strongly believes those are the most important virtues of any great rider. You can tell that by watching her teach. And I couldn’t agree with her more – you have stay positive and enjoy! Thank you Kelly! You are amazing.


Meg Rosoff – I am a sharer and i ride twice a week improving my flatwork i also enjoy hacking too.
I took up riding again at age 50 and met Kelly Turner two years later, at which point my first proper instruction began. Kelly offers the perfect mix of patience and humour, but always pushes you that little bit more and makes sure you know how it should be done. It doesn’t happen overnight (the Spanish riding school says it takes a lifetime!), but there are so many small triumphs along the way. I always came out of my lessons grinning, and those moments when everything came together made me fell like I’d climbed Mt Everest. Besides being an incredible rider, Kelly’s background in personal training seems to give her x-ray vision — she can tell you when a single muscle or body part is tense or in the wrong position. I’ve had lessons on two different horses for two years with Kelly and I’m never bored. Every lesson is a small revelation. She really has changed my life.

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